Friends of Badock's Wood
A hidden haven for wildlife

Autumn 2023

Mike Townsend's blog has his own personal view of the Wood and includes many photos.

Slideshow: A Walk Through the Woods

Slide show - walk through Badocks Wood - March 2012 from Graham Mullan on Vimeo.

A Virtual Field Trip
Badock's Wood on YouTube

The following videos taken in the Wood can all be found on YouTube:

Being Frank

A walk up the Trym

Badock's Wood Audio Guide

The following recordings were made in June 2007 by Year 5 and 6 children from Badock’s Wood Primary School. The children recorded some of their own thoughts about the wood and then interviewed a number of people on various aspects of the site. We hope you enjoy hearing all about Badock’s Wood.

Children listening


Memories - 1

Memories - 2

River and Trees


Meadow and LNR


Wood Management

The Burial Mound

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